Classroom Visits
The Outreach Librarian is available to come to your classroom and present a library program for the students. This presentation will be geared to the proper grade level for the class and subject matter can be varied according to the teacher's wishes or suggestions. The presentation will provide students with information about the library and will provide instruction about how to get a library card. Presentations can be scheduled for either morning or afternoon sessions. Call Patricia Johnson at 815-740-2672 to schedule a classroom visit.

The Young Adult Librarian can be scheduled for presentations to Junior & Senior High School classrooms. These presentations can vary from book talks to conversations about library services. With notice several weeks in advance, a presentation on a specific subject might be possible.

Library Tours
Teachers who wish to bring their students to the library for a tour must call and schedule a time. It is most beneficial to the students if one classroom is scheduled at a time, but somewhat larger groups can be accommodated if enough advance notice is given. The tours take about 30 minutes.

Tours may include a number of things and are varied according to the teacher's request and the age of the students. Some of the possibilities might include a story time, research assistance, brief talks about our public computer areas (Online Information Center and the Infozone). Please inform us of any special requests when the tour is scheduled. Classes can also be scheduled with time for informal library visits which allow students to browse and check out books with a valid library card.

To book a tour or browsing time, call Outreach Librarian Patricia Johnson at 815-740-2672. Please allow a minimum two weeks’ notice when scheduling a tour. We require one adult for each eight students. All tour appointments are scheduled on a first come/first served basis.