Classroom Enrichment Materials (Teacher Requests)

Teachers can Click here  to request your materials online!

If your school is located in the city limits of Joliet and has a signed agreement on file with Joliet Public Library, you are eligible to participate. You may call to request books or other materials on any topic or select them in person at the Main Library.

Books, audio kits, Playaways and CD's from the library may be checked out at the Main Library by Joliet teachers for six weeks to be used in the classroom. Juvenile videos, Playaway-Views and DVDs may be checked out for one week. Seasonal and holiday selections are limited to five items per classroom. Other topics are subject to availability.

All materials must be at an Easy or Juvenile level and intended for classroom use only. Curriculum related adult items may also be checked out for six weeks. No personal items of any kind (i.e. popular DVDs, bestsellers, etc) may be checked out with your classroom checkout privileges.

Items can be sent to you via courier only if your school belongs to RAILS (Reaching Across Illinois Library System)  or District 86. If you prefer, you may pick them up in the Youth Services Department of the Main Library.  Only teachers from the Plainfield School District may request that their books be sent to the Black Road Branch for pick-up. Books sent out to teachers need to be returned in the boxes in which they were sent to insure accurate records. At least 48 hours notice must be given if you call and request that materials be selected for you. Due to the great demand, items checked out with teacher privileges CANNOT be renewed after their original checkout. For more information on how to check out materials for your classroom, contact Linda Jimenez at 815-740-2662

If you are a Joliet resident who is a homeschooling parent or currently employed as a teacher outside of Joliet and hold a valid Joliet Library card, you may also be eligible for teacher checkout privileges. Current proof of employment is required.  

Homework Alert

If you will be assigning student homework that requires the use of the library and/or library materials, please notify the Outreach or Young Adult Librarian in advance. When notified in advance, books on the selected subject can be placed on our "in-library-use-only" shelf. This allows all students access to the materials necessary to complete the assignment.

You may telephone the Outreach Librarian (Amanda Gregory) or the Young Adult Librarian (Andrea Sowers) to request this service or you may use our "Homework Alert" forms. These are available upon request or submit a form online. If your school provides suggested reading lists to students, please provide us with a copy. (fax: 815-740-6161)