The Main Library Building of the Joliet Public Library is located in the Joliet City Center at 150 N. Ottawa Street. The Youth Services Department is located on the east side of the main floor near Chicago Street. The Black Road Branch is located at 3395 Black Road. However, ALL services to schools are handled from the Main Library location. As a member of the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS), we have connections to all Illinois libraries.

Contact Information

  • Outreach Librarian, Amanda Gregory 815-846-3118 (school visits, library tours, class visits to the library, resources) 
  • Teen Services Librarian, Andrea Sowers 815-740-1064
  • Coordinator of Teachers Requests, Linda Jimenez 815-740-2662 
  • Youth Services Department 815-846-3113

Fax 815-740-6161 

Computer Use

Classroom Enrichment Materials (Teacher Requests)

Click here  to request your materials online!

If your school is in District #86, or is located in the city limits of Joliet and has a signed agreement with Joliet Public Library, you are eligible to participate. You may call to request books or other materials on any topic or select them in person at the Main Library.

Homework Alert

Classroom Visits

Library Tours


Hands-on Learning

We have kits designed to supplement learning on popular topics in classrooms, preschools, and at home.

Classroom Boxes

Storytime Boxes

Game Bags

Book Bags


Homeschool Resources

Homeschooling parents are encouraged to use our library facilities as their school library.  Joliet residents are entitled to classroom enrichment privileges including six week loans.