Solar Eclipse in Joliet

Joliet Public Library will be hosting in both Branches a Solar Eclipse vewing  party, More informaiton will be available as we continue preparations. We are planning to have visitors from the planetarium and other activities.

The first 250 guests to arrive to our library will get free viewing glasses

     These are the dates and exact times of the solar eclipse that will be visible from Joliet IL. Listed are the events of the beginning, maximum and end of the eclipse. Additionally, for the total or annular eclipse, the times of second (begin) and third contact (end) of the umbral phases are listed. Click the "sun" icon to get a simulated view of the Sun.

Monday 21 August 2017

Time (24-hour clock)

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Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse begins
Position angle=285.5°, Position angle vertex=307.6°, Altitude=57.4°, Azimuth=150.8° SSE


Solar Eclipse →graphical chart

Maximum eclipse:   Partial Solar Eclipse, Saros-Number: 145
Magnitude=90.397%, Obscuration=88.615%
Separation=211.53", Position angle=202.9°, Position angle vertex=194.0°, Altitude=59.9°, Azimuth=191.6° SSW,
Duration of eclipse=2h49m, Mean cloud cover=29.1%, ET-UT=68.8sec
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Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse ends
Position angle=119.8°, Position angle vertex=86.1°, Altitude=52.2°, Azimuth=226.0° SW


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Visit our FB event page to register and stay informed