Solar Eclipse in Joliet

Joliet Public Library will be hosting in both Branches a Solar Eclipse vewing  party, More information will be available as we continue preparations. We are planning to have visitors from the planetarium and other activities.

The first 250 guests to arrive to our library will get free viewing glasses.

How to safely watch a solar eclipse

For most of the eclipse when the Moon is not fully covering the Sun, you need to wear proper eye protection to be able to see anything, and to stay safe. Eclipse glasses are a popular choice, and are very inexpensive. The Joliet Public Library will be giving out 250 for free in each of it's both locations.

In Southern Illinois, the partial phase will start at 11:52:26 AM (CDT). You will see a small shadow appear on the upper right side of the Sun as the Moon begins to cover it. The Sun will be totally eclipsed from about 1:20 PM to 1:23 PM. The eclipse will end at 2:47 PM.

You will need eclipse glasses or other solar filters to view all of the eclipse phases except totality.
This website has a ton of great information about the eclipse, and how to observe safely. Please read it, and remember that normal sunglasses are not nearly powerful enough to safely observe the Sun.

You do not need a telescope or binoculars to observe the eclipse, but if you want to use one, make sure you have a safe filter on it, or you will ruin your scope or your eyes.

What will you see?

If you do not have the option to travel to totality, you will see a partial eclipse through a solar filter. In the Joliet area, it will look something like this when it is maximally eclipsed:

Totality is refereed to the area in this map that is within the yellow thick strip, in Joliet we will be at a Magnitude of 90.397% so darkness will not be total, obscuration as it is called, will be at 88.615%.

Monday 21 August 2017

Time (24-hour clock)

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Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse begins
Position angle=285.5°, Position angle vertex=307.6°, Altitude=57.4°, Azimuth=150.8° SSE


Solar Eclipse →graphical chart

Maximum eclipse:   Partial Solar Eclipse, Saros-Number: 145
Magnitude=90.397%, Obscuration=88.615%
Separation=211.53", Position angle=202.9°, Position angle vertex=194.0°, Altitude=59.9°, Azimuth=191.6° SSW,
Duration of eclipse=2h49m, Mean cloud cover=29.1%, ET-UT=68.8sec
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Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse ends
Position angle=119.8°, Position angle vertex=86.1°, Altitude=52.2°, Azimuth=226.0° SW


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